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IEC Protection Classes

Sunpower UK's Electronics GlossaryIEC Protection Classes

IEC Protection Classes: Used in the electrical appliance manufacturing industry to differentiate between the protective earth connection requirements of devices.

Class I
These appliances must have their chassis connected to electrical earth (ground) by an earth conductor.  A fault in the appliance which causes a live conductor to contact the casing will cause a current flow in the earth conductor.  The current should trip either an over current device or a residual current circuit breaker, which will cut off the supply of electricity to the appliance.

Class II
A Class 2 or double insulated electrical appliance is designed in such a way that it does not require (and must not have) a safety connection to electrical earth (ground).

Class III
Designed to be supplied from a SELV power source. The voltage from a SELV supply is low enough that under normal conditions a person can safely come into contact with it without risk of electric shock. The extra safety features built into Class 1 and Class 2 appliances are therefore not required.


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