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mNSP3-450P Series - Medical ATX Power Supply with UPS Function

mNSP3-450P - 450W Medical Standard ATX Power Supply With UPS FunctionFeatured Product


New medical standard ATX Power Supply with UPS Function.
Acquires the medical standard IEC60601-1 in the spring.


  • Backup function protects PCs at blackout
  • Independent voltage-stabilizing circuit on all outputs
  • No minimum load, stably drives the latest high-performace CPU
  • Maximum continuous capacity 380W, Peak capacity 450.5W
  • Thermo-sensing speed control fan allows for a quiet environment; variable fan speed switch dedicated to reduce heat of CPU
  • Connector system is adopted to adjust to various output connectors
  • Signal unit and cooling fan can be replaced
  • Removable, optional, output harnesses
  • Optional extras, battery pack

mNSP3-450P Series Specifications

Part Number Voltage (max/rated)Current (amps)Power (watts)R&N (mV)Efficiency (%) Action
mNSP3-450P 3.3V 20A 450W 50mV 73% Request Quote
5V 22A 50mV
12V 22A 120mV
-12V 0.5A 120mV
5V 2A 50mV