At the outset of a bespoke project or when developing a new standard project range we tend to follow a power supply development process. Although a formal development procedure is often not appropriate for research, it can be used to provide a core development platform for several research projects. Sunpower’s product development procedure can be extensive or simple depending on the requirements set out by the complexities of your product. When you engage with Sunpower you can be totally confident that you are dealing with a specialist supplier that delivers a totally integrated, cradle to grave support network.

Below is an example of a product development procedure from Sunpower.

Power Supply Development Process
  1. New Product Plan
    During the new product planning procedure of a power supply we will consider feasibility, costs and capacity before the design is passed onto R&D to be formalised. A clear specification, knowledgeable understanding of the requirments ensures our projects move swiftly.
  2. Function Design Procedure
    The function design procedure will consider if there are any existing products that follow a similar specification. Once this is determined the project will either proceed to EVT or DVT1 stages or move onto identifying the best technology for the product.
  3. New Component Approval
  4. Product Pilot Run
  5. Production Transfer
  6. Identify Technology to be Implemented