10000W Enclosed Power Supplies with Parallel Function and PFC
RST-10000 Series - 10KW DC power from a single AC/DC switching unitSunpower’s new high power enclosed Mean Well switching power supply is released- RST-10000 Series, as the first to deliver 10KW DC power from a single AC/DC switching unit, this series is the ideal solution for high-power systems builders under pressure to design more functionality and greater power density into smaller areas. Its advantage as an efficient, high power density resource and 10KW DC power from a single AC/DC switching unit, is further enhanced as two units can easily be paralleled to provide 20KW total DC power. The product is a development from the well-established Mean Well RST-5000 5KW model, which has been achieving high customer ratings for some time.

The RST-10000 Series can accept a delta-connected three-wire three-phase 196 to 305VAC input. Alternatively, it can operate from a 4-wire ‘Y’ connection delivering 340 – 530VAC. Three versions are currently available as standard, offering 24, 36 or 48 VDC outputs respectively. Output voltage for all versions can be trimmed between 20% and 120% of the nominal output by using a 1 – 6VDC external control signal. Another external control signal, of 1 – 5VDC, allows trimming of the output current between 20% and 100% of its nominal output value.

The units have a couple of powerful protection function modes. The first provides continuous constant current limiting to prevent overload damage, and the second offers constant current limiting with shutdown after 5 seconds’ delay. Short circuit, over voltage and over temperature protections are also provided. International UL, CUL, TUV, CB and CE approvals are also in place.

A built-in 12V 0.1A auxiliary output is provided; this can be used for remote On/Off control. Alarm signals report AC Fail, DC OK, Fan Fail and Over Temperature conditions. Remote Sense connections are also provided.

The RST-10000 offers a high efficiency of 91%, boosted by a built-in PFC function. A built-in fan with speed control function provides forced air cooling; this allows full load output in temperatures to 50°C ambient.

“With a power level previously unattainable from a single unit, the Mean Well RST-10000 allows systems designers to achieve more compact and competitive power solutions for high power applications such as automation equipment and machinery, industrial control systems, large-scale charging systems and laser cutting machines” commented Andy Wall, CEO of Sunpower UK, “equally, they provide new possibilities for data processing environments such as data centres, cloud storage systems and central office telecommunications systems.”

RST-10000 Series