Sunpower announces the launch of a new slim DIN rail switching power supply, MDR-20 Series, for the fast growing demand of low wattage DIN rail applications. These 15W ~ 24W Class I models are enclosed within a fully isolated plastic case to prevent user contact and the risk of hazardous shock.

The design of 22.5mm in width complies with the slim trend so that it effectively saves precious space on the industrial rail. Featuring up to 84% efficiency this series can be cooled using only free air convection at temperatures up to 70°C, therefore significantly increasing the reliability and lifetime of the power supply.

Slim Profile Energy Saving 20W Din Rail PSU

Another important feature of MDR-20 is its low no load power consumption (<0.75W) which expands the application of MDR-20 beyond the heavy industry field DIN products are often associated with into datacom or IT applications that require green power to save energy and to be inline with the anticipated governmental laws that are expected in the near future.

Other standard functions include short circuit protection, over load protection, over voltage protection and DC OK signal for monitoring the status of the power supply.

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MDR-20 Series Datasheet