The NFM Series are 5W~20W medical on board PCB type power supplies designed to extend our medical product line to include the lower power 5W applications. PM Series is the encapsulated version of the NFM with almost the same features as the corresponding models in the NFM Series. The plastic case and heat conducted glue means the PM models offer full isolation while keeping the same operating temperature range as the NFM Series. This is especially suitable for space critical medical or industrial applications with little spare area to deploy the power unit.

Featuring Class II isolation levels on the 5W~15W models and a mere 200uA of leakage current at 264VAC on the 20W models they can be equipped into non-patient contact medical equipment and still comply with Class B as per EMI regulations.

With the environment and energy saving in mind the no load power consumption is lower than 0.5W on the 5W~15W models and lower than 0.75W on the 20W models making the series comply with the requirement of Green Mode PSU’s.

Standard functions include short circuit, over load and over voltage protections whilst over temperature protection is also equipped on the whole NFM series (OTP not available on PM Series). General medical or industrial applications that require low leakage current, general electronic applications and low profile IT equipment are all suitable sectors for applying these on-board type power supplies on the main control PCB of your final system.


NFM Series
NFM-05 Series Datasheet
NFM-10 Series Datasheet
NFM-15 Series Datasheet
NFM-20 Series Datasheet

PM Series
PM-05 Series Datasheet
PM-10 Series Datasheet
PM-15 Series Datasheet
PM-20 Series Datasheet

The new NFM series will also be superseding our OFM Series; which is now only available to order with MOQ’s of 500pcs and will be withdrawn completely by January 2007. We believe the NFM Series boasts superior electrical characteristics, better performance and the efficiency on these units has increased by 4~9% over that of the OFM Series. The significantly improved EMC performance and complete safety certification and wider application range of this new series also make it the preferred choice.