RPS, RPD & RPT-60 Series have been developed to target medical and IT applications with the requirement of miniature size. Complying with both medical and industrial agency standards these units can deliver their full rated output of 50~60W with only free air convection and also have 10% more peak load capabilities.

Featuring only 200uA of leakage current at 264VAC they can be equipped into non-patient contact medical equipment and still comply with Class B as per EMI regulations. Standard functions include short circuit, over load and over voltage protections and the no load power consumption for single output models is as low as 0.75W so that they can be used in powering electronic equipment requiring the green mode standard.

Since the height is only 29mm the RPS, RPD & RPT-60 series are suitable for 1U installations or other height constraints applications. General medical usage that requires low leakage current, general electronic applications and low profile IT equipment would all benefit from the use of this miniature product series.


RPS-60 Series Datasheet
RPD-60 Series Datasheet
RPT-60 Series Datasheet