We are pleased to announce the launch of two peripheral modules for our DIN rail power family – DR-RDN20 & DR-UPS40 – to provide a more complete solution for the DIN rail operation environment.

DR-RDN-20 is a 20A redundant (decoupling) module for the 24Vdc power system. Containing 2 sets of 20A Or-ing diodes with wonderful heat dissipation deployment, DR-RDN20 gives you a new option for safe connection of 1+1 redundant set-up. Not only perfectly decoupling power sources from each other but also from the load, DR-RDN-20 also provides users monitoring signals for both input channels through the built-in relays. Since there’s no switching components inside the module, DR-RDN-20 will not generate additional EMI issues and should provide you a worry-free application platform!

20A Redundancy Module / 40A UPS Module

DR-UPS40 is a 40A max DC UPS (battery control) module, for 24Vdc power system. Accompanied by external batteries (not included), it can back-up up to 40A of current to critical loads for a period of time dependant on the capacity of batteries. With complete monitoring signals and LED indicators for DC BUS OK, Battery Fail, Battery Discharge, and the repeated Battery Test function to check the situation of external batteries, users can customize their own DC UPS system to back up critical loads and capture the status of the whole system easily.

For more details on either of these units please contact a member of our sales team, or for more details please select the relevant specification from below.


DR-UPS40 Datasheet
DR-RDN20 Datasheet