Sunpower announces SKM50 – their new series of encapsulated modular DC-DC converters. Sized at just 2” x 1”, these miniature, regulated 50 W devices offer an extremely high power density of 46.3 W/in3; they are ideal solutions for designers under steady pressure to miniaturize their products while using less PCB board area. The SKM50 series is an extension of their well-established encapsulated modular DC-DC line which already comprises 5 W, 10 W, 15 W, 20 W and 30 W products.

These regulated single-output converters have standard pin assignments and feature a 2:1 wide input range, 1500 Vdc input/output isolation, short circuit / overload / input and output over voltage protection, low ripple noise, built-in remote ON/OFF control, output trimming (±10%), and CE/FCC Class A compliance. The converters achieve this compliance without need for external EMC suppression components, which reduces system-level costs and EMC compatibility issues.

Encapsulated 50 W DC-DC converters are ideal for miniaturized applications

The devices can operate under full load with just free air convection cooling in ambient temperatures from -40°C to +55°C, with operation up to +75°C being possible with load derating. This is due to their modern Active Clamp circuit design, which elevates their efficiency to a high 92%. The modules can withstand diverse harsh environments as well as extended temperatures; they are fully encapsulated, and shielded by a six-sided metal case which helps to prevent ingress of dust and moisture.

The SKM50 series comprises SKM50B parts with an 18 – 36 Vdc input range, and SKM50C parts which accept 36 – 75 Vdc inputs. Both the ‘B’ and ‘C’ parts offer variants with 5 V, 12 V or 15 V outputs.

Applications include industrial control, telecom/datacom, distributed power architectures, vehicle and vessel backup systems, and any applications that use rechargeable batteries as their power source.

“These compact, rugged, fan-free products are 100% burn-in tested and highly reliable, yet they’re also competitively priced” commented Andy Wall, CEO at Sunpower Technology LLP, “Product miniaturisation and increasing space limitations are trends that are bound to continue, and the SKM50 series helps designers cost-effectively overcome the challenges these create.”


SKM50B Series – 50W 18-36VDC Input Regulated DC-DC Converters
SKM50C Series – 50W 36-75VDC Input Regulated DC-DC Converters