To fulfil the global trend of energy-saving and environment protection, we have launched two green mode adaptors that comply with California Energy Commission (CEC) Level IV and Energy Star Program standards. The new GS-18 / GS-25 series are 18W / 25W adaptors bearing global safety certificates.

Featuring CEC Level IV compliant for 5~48V models, they are 90~264Vac full range input switchers with short circuit, overload, and over voltage protections. There are IEC320-C 8 and C14 AC inlet options that can be chosen to best suit your application. GS-18/25 series are suitable for all kinds of IT end products.

energy-saving-18w-and-25w-desktop-adaptors-1 energy-saving-18w-and-25w-desktop-adaptors-2

The design concept of energy-saving, global applicability and user friendly significantly enhance their competitive advantage for penetrating the global market. Please check out the features and specification and you will find it could be the best product to fit in with your future applications!


GS18A Series Datasheet
GS18B Series Datasheet
GS25A Series Datasheet