Fan-less power supply makes equipment free from the risk of failure due to cooling fan stopages. PCFL-180P-X2S1/-F2S provides 90W continuous (180W peak) DC output conforming to ATX specifications with convection cooling (no fan).

180W Fanless ATX Power Supply

Since no electrolytic capacitors are used the primary side inrush current is minimized. Modular DC output architecture allows you to easily customize the DC output voltages by replacing the DC output modules, depending on your application. The F2S version also has a 24V DC output (not regulated) in addition to the standard ATX outputs. Battery backup is possible with an external battery and a separate battery backup control unit connected to the 24V DC output of the PCFL-180P-NSP.

Product Specifications

AC input voltage 100V ~ 240V (85V ~ 264V)
DC output voltage +3.3V, +5V, +12V, -12V, +5VSB, (+24V on F2S version)
DC output power 90W
DC peak output power 180W
Efficiency 77% typ.
Battery backup function Available by the use of NSP version and separate battery backup control unit
Dimensions 160W x 93D x 55H mm


PCFL-180P Datasheet