HBG Series, from Mean Well, are designed to be applied in hanging lighting systems, such as high and low bay lighting and dock lighting. In order to further ensure the products mechanical strength and durability during long term hanging conditions the case design has been enhanced.

HBG Series, from MeanWell, Case Revised

Future productions of the HBG Series will include three reinforcing ribs around the top of the case; this structural change does not affect the electrical specifications of the units and older revisions of the units can continue to be used with no issues. Revised products will carry an A1 identifier on the product label, below the S/N:. There will be a transition period whilst current stocks are exhausted with new revision products scheduled in for manufacture on the dates below.

Model New Revision Production
HBG-100 Series 03/03/2014
HBG-160 Series 20/01/2014
HBG-240 Series 03/03/2014

Shoud you have any queries during this period please contact your sales account manager to discuss.