Improved PCV60 & PCV100 LED DriversImproved models of PCV60 and PCV100 are now available to order; they carry many of the original features of these vastly popular PowerLED LED Drivers, such as Captive terminal screws, Snap lock cable strain relief, LED Indicator for power on, Over load, short circuit and thermal protection, Class II product, Safe no load operation, Superior latch off protection and Energy Efficient and Energy compliance but with some notable improvements.

The improved models of PCV60 and PCV100 offer low inrush current circuitry, which offers reduced inrush current figures in comparison to other switch mode power supplies. This is particularly useful in applications with older or sensitive AC circuits, MCBs and Breakers and will allow for a much greater install quality per circuit without nuisance tripping.

The power factor range is also extended, so that the product will operate with a high power factor figure, even when not at full load; allowing for a much larger scope of application. Combined with the products high efficiency levels, optimum overall power usage is available for the majority of applications.

To find out when you can receive these improved models of PCV60 and PCV100 please contact your area sales manager, or enquire via one of the links below

PCV60 Series

PCV100 Series