New to Meanwell and supplied by Sunpower Technology LLP is the LCM Series of LED lighting power supplies, with wide 180-295Vac input range, selectable output current levels and dimming functions. These intelligent LED drivers are a low profile palsting enclosed power supply that not only fulfills the demands of lighting control but also serve as a flexible power solution, due to the DIP switch selectable output current facility and more convenient installation of input & output connections on the single face.

There are two variations within the range; LCM-40 & LCM-60 models offer 1-10Vdc and PWM signal dimming functionality and have a no load power consumption of less than 1W. LCM-40DA & LCM-60DA models are intelligent digital controls offering DALI interface and push dimming functionality; with a no load power consumption of less than 1.2W.

The LCM Series feature high performance circuit topology that generates a 91.5% high efficiency, with free air convection cooling of -30°C to +60°C, at ambient temperatures; sycronisation capabilites, so that dimming functions can operate with up to 10 drivers connected and other standard functions including active PFC function and protections for short circuit, over load and over temperature.

A built-in NTC temperature compensation function ensures the output current is suitably compenstated when at ambient temperature, to ensure LED’s are driven at the optimum current, helping to prolong the live of your LED array. The series also has a built-in 12V/50mA auxiliary output for driving an external fan.

The two stage PFC function of LCM Series ensure that these series comply with harmonic current limitation requirements of EN61000-3-2 Classs C (>35/% load) and fulfill PF>0.9 if loading is over 35%. The units also possess 2KV surge immunity between Line and Neutral, which complied with EN6100-4-5, heavy industry level, and the related lighting requirements.

All models comply with UL8750, ENEC EN61347-2-13 and EN62384 lighting regulations, LCM-40DA & LCM-60DA also somply with IEC62386-101, 102, 207 norms for DALI lighting control systems.

To view full specifications on the ranges, please select the links below:

1-10Vdc and PWM Signal dimming function LED drivers  LCM60

DALI interface and push butto dimming function LED drivers  LCM40DA & LCM60DA

DALI is a trademark or registered trademark of ZVEI – Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie