bluetooth mesh

A key trend in building automation for 2020 is making smart buildings, and their processes, more intelligent. As a leading power supply specialist, Sunpower Electronics have launched an innovative range of Casambi enabled products, featuring a Bluetooth Mesh networking solution, to facilitate the growing demand.

Bluetooth Mesh networking is a standard based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which, compared to a standard point-to-point network, allows for many-to-many communications, where each device can communicate with every other device on the mesh.

The benefit of a Bluetooth Mesh network for smart building automation is that the communication range between devices is extended beyond the radio range of each individual node, providing the possibility to control more nodes. As a result of communications being able to flow through multiple paths, the Bluetooth Mesh network also becomes resilient and self-healing.

The BLE environment creates great opportunities for architects, designers, systems integrators and installers of smart building systems. BLE technology lets them tap into the continuously evolving technologies offered by hardware and software manufacturers, delivering the innovation that their customers are keen to benefit from.

BLE has a number of compelling advantages, not shared by other, more traditional networks, that make it an attractive option for smart building suppliers. No gateways are required for BLE, meaning it is more robust, less prone to interference and eliminates single points of failure.

As a valued MEAN WELL distributor, who are dedicated to designing innovative power supplies, Sunpower Electronics have introduced the LCM-25/40/60BLE LED driver to our portfolio to facilitate the increase in demand for BLE in smart buildings. The adoption of this technology allows users to easily control their building automation through a smartphone or tablet, using BLE 4.0 mesh protocol.

To get started, all you need to do is download an app, which you can then use to set up any scenes, groupings and timer schedules etc. Customers can also operate LCM-25/40/60BLE with all Casambi compatible devices, such as wall switches or sensor devices, to extend the network and develop personalised, intelligent control systems.




For more information and to discuss your BLE product requirements, please get in touch with a member of our team.

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