The new RPD-65 / RPT-65 series of dual/triple output switching power supplies that can provide 60~66W of convection-cooled power. With a 5″ x 3″ x 1.15″ small footprint, these compact 90~264V switchers are ideal for 1U installations or other space-constrained applications.

Possessing 12V or 24V main output channel with high peak load capability and 5V channel for logic control usage, RPD/T-65 series are ideal for motor-based machinery or equipment that can be widely used in automation, test equipment, POS system, franking machines etc. Accompanied by the optional L-bracket and cover, RPD/T-65 series can provide end users more alternatives to configure their system if the external protective coverage is needed or the mounting space has certain constraints.

To offer a total solution to our customers, more products with lower profile and higher power density are scheduled to be launched in the near future. RPD/T-65 is just the beginning of our new PCB wave!


RPD-65 Series Datasheet
RPT-65 Series Datasheet