Sunpower are pleased to announce the release of the LPF series, a low wattage power supply created to fulfill those low wattage applications of LED lighting and decorate lighting. Basic features of the LPF Series includes a wide AC input range of 90~305VAC and protections including short circuit, over voltage, overload and over temperature. LPF-15/25D series offer three-in-one dimming functions enabling greater flexibility for designing lighting fixtures by using 1~10VDC, PWM signal or charging resistance thus achieving brightness reduction and saving energy.

The LPF series are available with no IP rating or with IP67 and enclosed in a plastic case with 94V-0 fire protection. Possessing up to 87% of high efficiency and cooling by free air convection the series can operate between -40~+70°C.

Suitable for applications such as LED office lighting, LED electric displays, wash-wall lighting, LED stage lighting and LED decorative lighting.


LPF-16 Series
LPF-16D Series
LPF-25 Series
LPF-25D Series