Sunpower has announced its new MSP-600 series of AC-DC medical enclosed type power supplies. These 600 W products comprise an extension to Sunpower’s well-established MSP-100, MSP-200, MSP-300 and MSP-450 series.

This introduction is in response to the demand for high-wattage, reliable medical power supplies. The MSP-600 series complies with international medical safety regulations (MOOP level) and features low leakage current, rated at 300 μA or less at 264 VAC. With these features, they are ideal power solutions for non-patient contact medical applications. With no-load power consumption below 0.8 W, 5 years’ warranty and EMI Class B level compliance, they are also suited to all types of ‘green’ medical equipment or electrical devices. Additionally, they meet energy-saving requirements for end-user systems.

Medical enclosed AC/DC power supplies offer high power, international compliance and low leakage current

The MSP-600 series has a universal AC input of 85 – 264 V, with output voltage options ranging from 3.3 V to 48 V. Operating efficiency is as high as 89%. An internal long life DC fan can be activated for forced air cooling, allowing full-load operation in -40°C to +50°C ambient temperatures, extending to +70°C with suitable derating. Other standard functions include short circuit, overload, over voltage and over temperature protection, 300 VAC input surge immunity for 5 seconds, remote ON-OFF control, remote sense, fan ON-OFF control and DC OK signal output. With built-in active PFC, the units’ power factor exceeds 0.94.

Higher wattage applications can be accommodated by paralleling up to four MSP-600-24, -36 or -48 models for a total power delivery of up to 2400 W. The units also have a 5 V/0.3 A standby output. The MSP-600 series complies with global medical certificates to UL-CUL-CB-CE, ensuring user safety.

“The MSP-600 series comprises a set of highly specified, high power products” commented Andy Wall, CEO of Sunpower technology LLP, “With these capabilities and their other features, these products are excellent for applications including medical equipment requiring low leakage current, chemical or biological detection equipment, analysis facilities and any systems calling for low no-load power consumption”.

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