Sunpower invest in technology and quality
Sunpower invest in technology and quality

Sunpower invest in technology and quality to drive market growth and now enjoy a healthy share of two power markets; high specification, advanced functionality power supplies for industrial applications and LED drivers aimed at, but not exclusive to, internal and external LED illumination.

Since starting in 1994 Sunpower has grown by creating and working with partners to create a steady flow of new technology products; developing them through essential engineering support and investment to ensure their sustainable success. Our initial developments were industrial, with power factor corrected 200W power supplies and hit-swappable redundant products close behind.  The quality of our power products, systems and service was underwritten by out independently verified ISO 9001 certification. By 2000 our quality manufacturing environment was reinforced with Six Sigma manufacturing and quality management, while products like the 360W triple-redundant I2C controlled power supply appeared.

Rapid expansion was seen during the latter parts of the 2000’s with a new facility built in Xiamen and the Shenzhen factory extended to 59,000 square feet; Our UK offices also saw some expansion with off site pallet warehousing, additional mezzanine warehousing levels and further office space being installed in our Berkshire headquarters. New products with an increased emphasis on efficiency started to appear, including green mode power supplies, zero crossing PWM types and a full series of Energy Star compliant AC adapters.

Sunpower has continued to invest in technology and quality to drive market growth, and since 2011 has carried Green manufacturing into CCTV and Security products, as well as growing a range of LED drivers that include constant voltage and constant current Triac dimmable units.

Our future plans encompass both industrial and LED areas. Our manufacturing customer base will see an increase in robust products for demanding, harsh environments, with IP68 ratings and extreme temperature capabilities. The steady growth in demand by factory automation and robotics applications for DIN rail products will also be well serviced. For LED lighting applications a wider range of controllers and dimmable drivers will appear.  To further invest in technology and quality all of Sunpower’s manufacturing activities will be underpinned by increased investment in QA staff, who will maintain tight control over both products shipped to customers and goods received from suppliers.


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