TS-3000 & TN-3000 Series True Sine Wave Inverters monitoring cable supplied as standard
Monitoring cable supplied as standard with TS-3000 & TN-3000 Series True Sine Wave Inverters

TN-1500 and TN-3000 Series monitoring cable now supplied as standard to improve the customer experience, and at no additional cost; TN-1500 and TN-3000 Series off-grid true sine wave inverters will now have the monitoring cable supplied as standard, the previously optional extra RJ11 to RS-232 Monitoring Cable is a vital extra for computer monitoring of the inverters performance.

TN-1500 Series is available in 12VDC, 24VDC or 48VDC output options, with a high surge power capability of up to 3000W. The units incorporate UPS mode and energy saving mode, high efficiency up to 91%, power on/off switch, selectable standby saving mode, thermostatically controlled cooling fan, built in solar/AC charger and protections for battery low, over voltage, over temperature, output short, input polarity reverse, overload and AC circuit breaker. The monitoring cable will be supplied as standard from 01/01/2015.

TN-3000 Series has many of the same features as TN-1500 but benefits from a high power surge capability of up to 6000W and high efficiency up to 92%; having the TN-3000 Series monitoring cable supplied as standard enhances this experience.

TN-1500 TN-3000 Series Monitoring Cable Supplied as Standard; the monitoring software for these true sine wave inverters, along with installation instructions, can be downloaded from the User Manual pages within our Help & Support Section