LED Lighting Power Supply

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  • NPF-120D Series IP67 120W Single Output LED Driver with 3 in 1 dimming

    IP67 Rated 120W AC/DC Single Output LED Driver with 3 in 1 dimming


    • Plastic housing with class II design
    • Built-in active PVC function
    • Standby power consumption <0.5W
    • IP67 rating for indoor and outdoor installations
    • Functions options:3 in 1 dimming (dim-to-off); Auxiliary DC output
    • Typical lifetime >50K Hours
    • 5 Years Warranty
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  • RGBW LED Controller RF Wireless

    RGB18 is a 6-24V DC/DC RGBW LED Controller RF Wireless, with three 2.5A RGB and one 4A white output channels, designed to manage colour changing of RGBW LED tapes, but also suitable for use with RGB and single colour tapes. This controller kit has 256 levels of PWM control for a smooth change of colour…


    • RGBW LED Controller with RF Wireless Remote
    • 4 channel output RGBW output
    • Allows independent control of RGB White
    • RGB static colour selection with brightness & speed control
    • Ultra slim design
    • Over temperature, overload and short circuit protections
    • Easy to pair with our Power Repeater RGB-RP
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  • RGBW LED Power Repeater

    RGB-RP is a RGBW LED Power Repeater designed to enable the installation of additional LED tapes within one application. This 6-24V DC/DC unit provides one 4A white and three 2.5A output channels so that the white of an RGBW tape can be controlled independently. This ultra slim design RGBW LED Power Repeater is suitable for…


    • 4 channel outputs
    • 276W maximum output power at 24V
    • Suitable for use with RGB18 only
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  • Single Colour LED Controller

    SC3 is a 5-24V DC/DC controller, with three 3A output channels, desigend to manage colour changing of single colour LED tapes. This LED controller ensures a smooth change to modes and allows both the brightness and speed to be eaisly managed; all via the supplied IR cable and remote.


    • Quick connect terminals for easy install
    • Independent control 3 channels
    • Adjustable brightness and speed
    • Programmable mode functions for quick setting changes
    • Supplied with IR cable and controller
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  • Touch Key Constant Voltage Dimming Controller

    PD2021 is a 5-24VDC touch key constant voltage dimming controller designed for use with a touch dim momentary switch and LED driver to turn on/off and control the brightness levels of LED tape installations. The ‘Plug and Play’ technology ensures that the on/off dimming status is easily stored in the dimmers memory and will be…


    • Ultra Slim Design
    • 5VDC to 24VDC input range
    • Over temperature, over load and short circuit protections
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Auto Recall Function
    • Easy 'Plug and Play' technology
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  • XBG Series New Generation of Circular LED Driver

    The XBG Series is a new generation AC/DC LED driver featuring the constant power mode, suitable for bay lighting and floodlight applications.


    • Full power output at 70-100% current range operation
    • Wide input range 90~305 V AC with active PFC
    • Protections: short circuit / over voltage / over temperature
    • Metal housing design with IP67
    • Multiple dimming functions: 3 in 1/ DALI/ DALI 2.0/ Push Dim
    • Dimming circuit with isolated for latest safety regulation
    • Surge protection with 6K V/4KV
    • 5 years warranty and 50,000 hours life time
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LED Lighting Power Supplies from Sunpower are available in ranges from 6W to 320W and come in many different forms for both indoor and outdoor LED lighting installations. Our Constant Current LED Lighting Power Supply range offers currents from 350mA to 1400mA; whilst the Constant Voltage LED Lighting Power Supply range starts at 5V going through to 52V.

Both types of LED lighting power supply offer high efficiencies, PFC, are available with Class II or Class I Input; IP ratings against dust and moisture from IP20 through to IP67 and protection for short circuit, over voltage, overload and over temperature conditions. With additional options such adjustable outputs and PWM, 1-10V, Resistive or triac dimming functions.

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