Open Frame Power Supplies

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  • DC-DC Constant Current LED Driver – Wire Style

    LDD-1LW Series are a range of 1000mA to 1500mA constant current led drivers, of a dc-dc converter design, with 6-36Vdc input voltage range and 2-30Vdc output voltage range. LDD-1LW Series is designed with wire style connections and features high efficiency, short circuit protection and free air convection cooling. The series also has built in PWM…


    • Constant current output: 1000mA to 1500mA
    • Wire style connections
    • 6~36VDC wide input voltage
    • Wide output LED string voltage: 2~30VDC
    • High efficiency up to 95%
    • DC/DC step-down converter
    • Built-in EMI filter, complies with EN55015 and FCC part 15 without additional input filter and capacitors
    • Built in PWM dimming +analog dimming and remote ON/OFF control
    • Short circuit protections
    • Cooling by free air convection
    • Fully encapsulated with IP67 level
    • Compact Size
    • Low Cost, High reliability
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  • DC-DC Constant Current Step-Down LED driver with DALI

    LDD-H-DA series is a constant current step-down converter with 6~50VDC high input voltage and 3~45VDC output voltage.


    • DC/DC step-down converter
    • Constant current output: 350mA to 1400mA
    • Wide input voltage: 6 ~50VDC
    • Wide output LED string voltage: 3 ~45VDC
    • High efficiency up to 95%
    • Built-in EMI filter, comply with EN55015 without additional input filter and capacitors
    • DALI dimming function input under voltage lockout
    • Built-in PWM and remote ON/OFF control(pin style only, wire style optional)
    • Protections: Short circuit
    • Cooling by free air convection
    • Fully encapsulated with IP65 level
    • Compact size
    • Suitable for driving illumination LED
    • 3 years warranty
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  • EPS-120 Series 120W Single Output Switching Power Supply

    EPS-120 series is a 120W green PSC power supply with high reliance and high power density, with Voltages ranging between 12V and 48V there is an input of 80 ~ 264 VAC


    • 4″”X2″” miniature size
    • Universal AC input/Full range
    • EMI Class B for both Call I (with FG) and with Class II (without FG) configuration
    • No load power consumption <0.3W
    • High efficiency of up to 91%
    • protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature
    • Cooling by free air convection for 84W and 120W with 10CFM forced air
    • Built-in 12V0.5A fan supply
    • LED indicator for power on
    • Operating altitude up to 5000 meters
    • 3 years warranty <0.3W
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  • IRM-60 Series 60W Single Output Encapsulated Power Supply


    • Universal AC input / Full range
    • Compact size
    • Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over Voltage
    • Cooling by free air convection
    • Isolation class II
    • No load power consumption <0.1W
    • Pass LPS (except for 5V)
    • 100% full load burn-in test
    • High reliability
    • 3 years warranty
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Starting from 5W and ranging all the way up to 300W, Sunpower’s open frame power supplies come in either single or multi outputs, AC/DC or DC/DC. The range also includes battery backup channels as well as other options which are suitable for medical applications.

The Sunpower range of open frame power supplies includes a plethora of common factors for open frame power supplies. Voltages can start from as low as 3.3V and go right though to 48Vs with the open frame power supplies range also including a PCB mount, green mode and medical types in a choice of single, dual, triple and quad outputs.

Green mode models are suitable for medical PCB models, ERP regulated end systems and are medical safety approved, while all other models are industrial safety approved.

The variety of the open frame power supplies on offer means that customers can get the most flexibility, especially when you consider that they can be directly installed into customer systems. They can also easily have cable looms fitted and be packed into metal cases for applications that would benefit from an enclosed power structure.

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