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We stock a wide range of enclosed power supplies, modular power, din rail psu's, lighting power supplies, medical power supplies, PC power supplies, dc-dc converters and power supplies, open frame power supplies, PCB mount power, 19" rack power, UPS, desktop and plugtop adaptors, battery chargers and inverters.  Switchmode and linear models are available as single, dual, triple or quad outputs. We also stock a range of mains leads, cable accessories and mounting brackets for a number of our power supplies.

As the longest standing UK Authorised Distributor of Meanwell Power Supplies Sunpower Technology LLP are also best placed to advise you on your specific application requirements.  We are able to assist aross the spectrum of Meanwell Power Supplies from Enclosed Switching Power Supplies throught to their inverter series.  Search our product listings below for full specifications on the Meanwell Power Supplies.

Typical applications include consumer electronics, factory automation, communications, IT, distribution boxes, control panels, building automation, data storage, security, interior and outdoor lighting, non patient contact medical, military, EPOS, leisure chargers, and general electronics.


19 Inch Rack Power 19 Inch Rack Power

19 inch rack power units with hot swap operation in a 1U low profile, available in 1000~6000 Watts. Standard features of Sunpower’s 19 inch rack units include parallel operation, built-in active PFC function, AC OK and DC OK signal, remote control for single unit and protections including short circuit, overload and over voltage.

ATX Power Supply ATX Power Supply

We offer a range of high quality and reliable PC power supplies starting at 200W through to 750W. Form factors include Micro ATX, ATX 12V, SFX, IPC, EPS, SLI, Flex. Standard features include full protections, remote on/off control, power factor correction, low noise, super quiet operation, high efficiency, 80 Plus verification, The majority of our PC PSU’s are designed for compatibility with either SSI, Intel P4 or AMD Athlon. Typical applications include workstations, server systems & POS.

Battery Chargers Battery Chargers

A range of battery chargers for Sealed Lead Acid batteries offering a range of functions including over charge protection, trickle charging, 3 stage charging and automated derating capabilities; suitable for charging vehicles ranging from motor cycles to trucks, marine applications, leisure vehicles such as caravans and household appliances. Note: The maximum Ah specified on these units is based on a 12Hr charging time for a fully discharged battery.

CCTV & Security Power Supplies CCTV & Security Power Supplies

A comprehensive range of CCTV power supplies offering 12V or 24V output voltages, various output channels in a variety of case sizes. Suitable for use as CCTV power supplies, Security Power Supplies and Access System Power Supplies and for other security applications.

Constant Current Driver Constant Current Driver

A comprehensive range of constant current drivers ranging from 8~200W and available in single, dual, triple and quad outputs. Suitable for use in a range of lighting applications including Architectural Lighting, Task Lighting, Medical Lighting, Transportation Lighting, Entertainment Lighting, Lit Signage & Moving Signs, Safety & Security Lighting and Outdoor Area Lighting Applications

Constant Voltage Driver Constant Voltage Driver

Constant voltage drivers available from 10~400W in single output. Constant voltage power supplies should be used where a fixed output voltage is required. Suitable for use in a range of lighting applications including Architectural Lighting, Task Lighting, Medical Lighting, Transportation Lighting, Entertainment Lighting, Lit Signage & Moving Signs, Safety & Security Lighting and Outdoor Area Lighting Applications

DALI Dimming Driver DALI Dimming Driver

A range of adjustable DALI dimming drivers providing a high performance solution for powering constant current LED lighting. The combined DALI and push dimming driver is a digital alternative to standard 1~10V and PWM dimming with an advantage of the ability to control both the individual LED luminaries and multiple groups.

DC-DC Converters DC-DC Converters

A range of DC-DC converters starting at 1 watt through to 1000 watts available as Encapsulated Modules, On Board type, General PCB and Enclosed styles.
DC-DC converters suitable for use in general electrical engineering, automotive, security, Battery backup systems and transportation applications.

DC-DC PC Power Supplies DC-DC PC Power Supplies

DC-DC PC power supplies

PS2, 1U, 2U, EPS, AT & ATX form factors

Desktop Power Supply Desktop Power Supply

We provide Regulated Linear, Unregulated Linear and switched mode desktop power supplies offering AC/AC or AC/DC mains power and single fixed voltage, selectable voltage or variable outputs starting at 3.3V through to 48V. Desktop and bench styles are available. Also often referred to as lump in line, soap on a rope or just simply power adapter.

Dimmable Driver Dimmable Driver

An extensive range of highly efficient dimmable driver units, available with IP64, IP65 and IP67 ratings and ranging from 16~120W. Examples of dimmable driver applications are; decorative lighting, entertainment lighting, lit signage & moving sign, architectural lighting, medical lighting, transportation lighting and Outdoor Area Lighting Applications.

Din Rail Power Supply Din Rail Power Supply

Din rail power supplies for installation on TS35/7.5 or TS35/15 industrial rails. Available as miniature single output designs to high input voltage units with optional parallel function. Offering 20 to 960 Watts of power and output voltages from 5 to 48 Volts the din rail power supply range from Sunpower is diverse and suitable for numerous applications.

Enclosed Power Supply Enclosed Power Supply

Starting at 5 Watts through to 3000 Watts our enclosed power supply ranges offer a versatile power source to your application. Standard features including Modular Power, Parallel Operation, UPS function (external battery required) and PFC these units are the perfect front end power supply. Single, Dual, Triple and Quad output enclosed power supply models available.

EPOS Power Supplies EPOS Power Supplies

Some power supplies for EPOS applications have additional output rails specifically to power and/or UPS function ensuring your point of sale product is protected.

Hot Swap Power Supplies Hot Swap Power Supplies

Hot swap power supplies with caddies are easy to install and have zero transfer time. Hot swap power supplies are also known as dual redundant power supplies and have many features including active current sharing outputs, remote sense, alarms and TTL signal. Standard features of hot swap power supplies include over load, over voltage and short circuit protection. Hot swap power supplies available as 19", 1U, 2U, mini redundant, Raid, AT, ATX, N+1 and redundant.

LED Lighting Power Supply LED Lighting Power Supply

A comprehensive range of IP Rated/Waterproof AC/DC LED lighting power supplies suitable for use in a range of Lighting applications, including Architectural Lighting, Task Lighting, Medical Lighting, Transportation Lighting, Entertainment Lighting, Moving Signs, Safety & Security Lighting and Outdoor Area Lighting Applications. LED Lighting power supplies, Halogen Lighting Power Supplies & LED Drivers in constant voltage or constant current models and IP64, IP65, IP66 or IP67 rated.

Mains Cables Mains Cables

UK, European and USA mains cables in multiple configurations. Our plugs include Shuko, 3pin USA, 2 pin flat Euro & 2 pin flat USA, and non-rewireable UK. The sockets on our mains cables include IEC320 C5 “Mickey Mouse” style, C7 figure of eight and C13 kettle with right angled C13’s and stripped and tinned ends also available.

Meanwell Power Supplies Meanwell Power Supplies

Mean Well power supplies available include LED Power Supplies, Enclosed - G3 Series, LED Sign Panels, PFC Series, U-Bracket, Modular Series, Harsh Environment and Din Rail models; Open Frame - Medical & General types; External - Industrial Adapters, Medical Adapters & Battery Chargers; DC-DC Converters - Module, On-Board, PCB & Enclosed types; ATX Power Supplies, Security Series, 19" Rack Power & Inverter Series.

Medical Grade Power Supplies Medical Grade Power Supplies

Our medical grade products are available as General PCB, desktop and on board types starting at 5 Watts through to 200 Watts. Designed with low leakage current or low no load power consumption, full protections and compliance to medical safety standards these units are very versatile.

Suitable for non patient contact medical applications and other non medical related applications such as IT equipment, general electronics.

Modular Power Supplies Modular Power Supplies

Modular power supplies offering limitless output configurations and often eliminating the requirements for a custom power supply. Sunpower offer modular power supplies with reduced lead times and reduced time to market.

Mounting & Cable Accessories Mounting & Cable Accessories

A selection of din rail and mounting accessories including brackets and plates intended for use with enclosed products to fix them into your enclosure. Also includes Parallel Connection and Series Connection accessories for our modular power series and removable wire harness sets for use with ATX power Supplies.

Open Frame Power Supply  

Our range of open frame power supplies include single, dual, triple and quad outputs and now start as low as 5W through to 200W. Available in a variety of formats such as surface mount and on board type they include features such as full protections, high efficiency, low R&N, and free air convection cooling. Suitable applications include factory automation, telecommunications, networking, medical, test & measurement, POS systems and general electronics.

PCB Mount Power Supplies PCB Mount Power Supplies

Encapsulated and open frame PCB Mount AC DC power supplies and DC DC converters, designed to fit onto your systems PCB board to save space and allow for low profile applications. With standard features that include no load power consumption, full protections, class II isolation and free air convection cooling. These products are also referred to as on board power supplies, surface mount power modules, DC-DC Converters & AC-DC power modules.

Plugtop Power Supply Plugtop Power Supply

We provide Switch Mode, Regulated Linear & Unregulated Linear plugtop power supplies offering AC/AC or AC/DC mains power and single fixed voltage, selectable voltage or variable outputs; starting at 3.3V through to 48V. Plugtop power supply models available with fixed UK, Euro or US plugs or with interchangeable plugs for wasy application around the world.

Power Inverter Power Inverter

External DC/AC power inverters and DC/DC Converters. Modified sine wave inverters suitable for resistive load and True sine wave inverters suitable for powering motors, PLC and all kinds of home appliances. Typical applications for the power inverter range from Sunpower are power home appliances, power tools and office and portable equipment in vehicles, boats and motor homes as well as where utilities are unreliable or unavailable.

UPS Battery Packs UPS Battery Packs

A selection of battery packs for use with our UPS function power supplies.

LED Controllers and Power Repeaters LED Controllers and Power Repeaters

LED Controllers and Power Repeaters from Sunpower and PowerLED allow you to set lighting profiles of lighting colour, brightness, colour temperature and rate of change as well as configure receivers in parallel, with up to a maximum of 8 units, to seamlessly increase lighting coverage of large areas. Our LED controllers are available in infared, radio frequency or WiFi configurations.

Harsh Environment Power Supplies  

Harsh Environment Power Supplies

LED Lighting Power Supplies  

Our LED power supplies are able to provide a constant supply of power to LEDs through a self-contained power supply that allows the LED to be maintained properly.