The DBUF20-24 is a DIN Rail mounted 20A buffer module which can be used with DIN rail power supplies to provide short term back up for the load.

  • Buffering with electrolytic capacitors instead of lead acid batteries
  • Type buffering time of 350ms @22VDC/20A
  • Buffer mode selectable by switch: Fixed mode at 22VDC – Dynamic mode for Vin-1 VDC
  • LED indicator for signal status
  • Supports parallel connection to extend buffering time
  • Cooling by free air convection
  • -25 ~+ 75°C wide operating temperature
  • 3 years warranty
The DBUF20-24 buffer module is a newly introduced supplementary device for regulated DC 24V power supplies, which can be used with DIN Rail power supplies to provide short-term back up for the load.

The DBUF20-24 will enter the buffer mode when the AC mains power is temporarily suspended or interrupted. The buffer function provides stable 24VDC to extend the system operation time, and the buffer time depends on the load current.

The buffer module utilises maintenance free electrolytic capacitors to store energy, eliminating the need of periodic replacement – compared to costlier batteries which also have a shorter functional life span.

The 24V/20A DIN Rain Type Buffer Module comes with comprehensive protection features such as over voltage protection, over current protection and shirt circuit protections.

The buffer modules can also be connected in parallel to increase the output ampacity or the hold-up time.


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