30W AC-DC Power Adapter with Charging Function

  • Universal AC input
  • 2 pole AC Inlet IEC320-C8
  • Class II power (without earth pin)
  • No load power consumption <1.0W
  • Constant current and voltage(CC,CV mode)
  • Suitable for continuous load
  • For high surge current equipment
  • Short circuit, over load, over voltage & over temperature protectiond
  • 2 colors LED indication for charging status
  • Fully enclosed plastic case
  • High reliability
Universal AC input 30W lithium ion battery chargers designed with energy saving and the environment in mind, they also comply with global safety requirements and the 2002/95/EC RoHS requirements. No load power consumption <1W, dual colour LED, to indicate charging status, and built in short curcuit, over load, over voltage and over temperature protections are the main features of this series. GC30 is especially suitable for charging lithium ion batteries in all kinds of end product and the peak current capability means it can be used for equipment that needs a high start up current.

Additional information

Battery type AGM, Flooded, Gel, Li-Ion
IEC 320 C8
Manufacturer MEAN WELL
Outputs Single
Plug 2.1 x 5.5 x 11mm tuning fork
Style Class II
Type AC/DC, Portable Charger
Range Power
  • Point Of Sale Solutions
  • Security Applications