The PLNV-030SxxxSS Series operate from a 90 ~ 264 Vac input range. These units will provide up to a 24 V of output voltage and a maximum output current of 2500 mA for 30 W maximum output power. They are designed to be highly efficient and highly reliable. Features include over voltage protection, short circuit protection.

Additional information

Weight 0.46 kg
Voltage (max/rated) 12V
Current (amps) 3A
Power (watts) 30W
Efficiency (%) 83%

Products in this Range

Part number Power (watts) Voltage (max/rated) Current (amps) Efficiency (%)
PLNV-030S012SS 30W 12V 3A 83% Request Quote
PLNV-030S024SS 30W 24V 1A 85% Request Quote