The GC330 series is an AC/DC battery charger possessing very low “no load power consumption” and up to 93.5% of high efficiency. Offering a two stage charging curve (constant current and constant voltage) and can monitor the battery capacity by detecting the battery voltage. The device can quickly charge the battery at constant current mode in a low battery capacity statues. And then, when the battery bank becomes full, the charger can automatically turn into constant voltage mode with slight charging current to advoide lifetime reduction caused by over charging.

Additional information

Voltage (max/rated) 54
Efficiency (%) 94%
  • GC330A48-C4PGC330A48-C4P

Products in this Range

Part number Voltage (max/rated) Efficiency (%)
GC330A36-C4P 41 94% Request Quote
GC330A48-C4P 54 94% Request Quote