LDC-80 is a 80W Constant Power MODE Linear LED Driver that operates from 180~295VAC and has an output current that can be adjusted between 700mA to 2100mA.

  • Constant Power mode output
  • Metal housing design
  • Full Power at 70~100% max Current
  • Built-in active PFC function
  • Flicker Free design
  • No load / Standby power consumption
  • Output current level pre-settable
  • Function options: 3 in 1 dimming (dim-to-off); DALI
  • interface, push dimming
  • Typical lifetime>50000 hours
  • SELV and Isolated
  • Class 2 power supply
  • 5 years warranty
LDC-80 is a 80W Constant Power MODE Linear LED Driver. LDC-80 operates from 180~295VAC and the output current can be adjusted between 700mA to 2100mA. Thanks to efficiency up to 90% and a fan less design, LDC-80 is able to operate between -25~+85 under free air convection. LDC-80 is equipped with various function options, such as dimming methodologies, which provides the optimal design flexibility for a LED lighting system. LDC-80 adopts a linear design and meets international safety regulations: UL8750, EN61347-1.61347-2-13, GB19510.1. Suitable applications include LED strip lighting and indoor LED lighting systems.

Additional information

Weight 0.24 kg
Manufacturer MEAN WELL
Outputs Single
Type AC/DC, Constant Power, LED Driver
Range Power
Current (amps) 700~2100mA
Inputs 180 ~ 295VAC
Power (watts) 80W
  • LED panel lighting
  • Indoor LED lighting
  • Linear LED lighting