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  • Green-mode designing, meet IEA standard<0.75W (standby state)
  • Power ON with LED indicator
  • Over load, over voltage and short circuit protection
  • Output voltage ±10% adjustment
  • Non min. load requirement
  • Meet UL, 2601-1 medical standard
This 60 Watt Medical Application Unit meets the UL 2601-4 medical standard and is currently going through approvals for cUL/UL, CB and CE. For more details please click through to the specification or complete an enquiry form for a member of our sales team to contact you.

Additional information

Current (amps) 10A, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A
Efficiency (%) 74%, 77%, 80%
Power (watts) 60W, 50W
R&N (mV) 150mV, 120mV, 240mV, 300mV, 50mV
Voltage (max/rated) 12V, 15V, 24V, 30V, 48V, 5V