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  • Linear PSU
  • Thermal fuse protection
  • Interchangeable output plugs
  • Plug top black ABS housing

Additional information

Standards CE
Type AC/DC
Outputs Single
Technology Linear
Input Voltage230Vac
Input Frequency50Hz
Exciting Current80mA maximum
Output voltage12Vdc
Output current1.5A
Insulation resistancePrimary to Secondary 500Vdc 100MW minimum
Primary to Core 500Vdc 100MW minimum
Dielectric strengthPrimary to Secondary 3750Vac, 1 minute
Primary to Core 3750Vac, 1 minute
Secondary to Core 500Vac, 1 minute
Thermal fuse130°C
Input cable2000mm±50mm length 2 0.75mm2 core cable fitted with UK plug
Output cable1800mm ±50mm length 18AWG wire terminated with reversible polarity connector socket.
ConnectorsFemale plug: 2.1x5.5x12.5mm, 2.5x5.5x12.5,
1.5x5.5x12.5 & 1.35x3.5x12.0mm
Male plug: 2.5x12.5mm & 3.5x14.5mm