• DC-DC step-down converter
  • SMD style mechanical
  • 300mA to 1000mA constant current outputs
  • 9~56VDC wide input voltage
  • Wide output LED string voltage: 2~52VDC
  • High efficiency up to 97%
  • Built-in EMI filter, complies with EN55015 and FCC part 15 without need for additional input filter and capacitors
  • Built-in PWM and remote ON/OFF control
  • Short circuit, over temperature protections
  • Cooling by free air convection
  • Non-potted
  • Optional conformal coating (Order Suffix: HSC)
  • Compact size
  • Low cost, high reliability
  • Suitable for driving illumination LED
LDD-HS Series are a range of constant current output DC-DC converters, designed for LED driving applications. These SMD style DC-DC converters offer 96% high efficiency, remote on/off control, built in PWM dimming function and are suitable to be mounted by surface mounted-process (SMT). LDD-HS Series also feature short circuit, over temperature protections and comply with EN55015’s lighting requirement for EMI and FCC Part 15, without the need for any external components.

Additional information

Current (amps) 0A, 1A
Efficiency (%) 97%
R&N (mV) 150mV, 200mV, 350mV
Voltage (max/rated) 52V
  • Illumination LEDs
  • Street lighting,
  • Landscape lighting
  • Tunnel lighting,
  • Household lighting
  • Indoor/ outdoor LED lighting systems