LDD-1LW Series are a range of 1000mA to 1500mA constant current led drivers, of a dc-dc converter design, with 6-36Vdc input voltage range and 2-30Vdc output voltage range. LDD-1LW Series is designed with wire style connections and features high efficiency, short circuit protection and free air convection cooling. The series also has built in PWM +analog dimming function, remote on/off control, inbuilt EMI filter and is potted within epoxy(UL94-V0)for full encapsulation and IP67 level.

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Voltage (max/rated) 30V
Current (amps) 1A
R&N (V) 2V
Efficiency (%) 95%

Products in this Range

Part number Voltage (max/rated) Current (amps) Efficiency (%)
LDD-1000LW 30V 1A 95% Request Quote
LDD-1200LW 30V 1A 95% Request Quote
LDD-1500LW 30V 2A 95% Request Quote