The KNX USB Interface (KSI-01U) is a USB interface for establishing a bidirectional connection between a PC and the KNX installation bus.

  • No additional external power supply required
  • KNX commissioning, addressing and parameters settings
  • KNX protocol and system visualisation
  • Diagnostic operations
  • Supports long messages
  • 3 years warranty
The KSI-01U is a USB interface, providing galvanic isolated bidirectional access to the KNX bus line.

The device is used to access all bus connected devices in the KNX bus system, including commissioning, addressing, setting parameters, diagnostic functions and protocol, making network configurations more convenient and efficient.

Connection between the KNX data bus and a PC with standard software, like ETS and EITT, is handled by the FALCON driver. The KSI-01U supports long messages, and ensures easy handling in software under operating systems which are not supported by the FALCON driver e.g Linux.

The communication protocol used for communication between interface and host is the flexible “cEMI” protocol.


For more information on KSI-01U and to discuss your requirements, please contact a member of our team.


Additional information

Inputs 21~31V
  • Office lighting
  • Smart home lighting
  • Luxury villa lighting
  • Indoor LED lighting
  • Building automation