The KSR-01IP Series is a KNX routing and tunelling device with the ability to address all bus devices in the KNX bus system, making network operations less time-consuming.

  • KNX IP / TP routing
  • 4 KNX IP / TP tunelling
  • No additional external power supply required
  • Universal plug and play
  • Telegram filtering
  • Built-in web front-end page
  • 3 years warranty

The IP TP media coupler KSR-01IP Series is a KNX net/IP routing and tunneling device, which works as a KNX IP line/area coupler.

The device offers the ability to address all bus devices in the KNX bus system, making network operations less time consuming.

Operational and filtering states, malfunction and faulty communications are indicated by LEDs.

The device is UPnP and its firmware can be updated via the built-in web front-end page.

The KSR series connects Ethernet/KNX IP and KNX TP two media for commissioning, addressing, parameters setting, visualisation and diagnostic operations between the devices on the KNX bus.

The KSR-01IP Series is able to filter the traffic according to the installation place in the bus system hierarchy, and according to the built-in filter tables for group orientated communication.

Message filtering can be temporarily deactivated anytime via a button on the device.

If necessary, temporary access to other lines is possible also without download from the ETS.

The KSR-01IP Series does not require an additional, external power supply for powering.


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