• Battery over-charge/discharge protected
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Power cord (PC) for use with typical wall plug in lieu of hard-wired 240VAC
  • Over voltage, Over current & Short circuit protected
  • Anti-tamper switch (ATS) indicates unauthorized opening of the enclosure cover (Optional)
  • Key lock (KLC) for enclosure cover
  • Optional battery back up
The UPS power supplies provide clean, filtered and regulated DC voltage. Suitable for all electronic devices, including access controls, electromagnetic locks and CCTV. Encased in a heavy-duty steel enclosure to protect the power connections. Removable steel cover for easy access to power connections and ventilation holes to prevent heat build up.

Additional information

Current (amps) 5A
Efficiency (%) 85%
R&N (mV) 100mV
Voltage (max/rated) 14V
  • CCTV
  • Access Controls
  • Electromagnetic locks
  • Building intercom systems
  • Alarm monitoring systems
Part NoOutput voltageOutput CurrentRipple & NoiseOver-current ProtectionCharge VoltageBattery Under-Voltage ProtectionDimensionsWeight
UPS2405-01BD27.6V±2% DC5Amp≤240mV6A±5%27V20V285x285x90mm3.5kg
UPS1210-01BD13.8V±2% DC10Amp≤100mV11A±5%13.5V10V395x285x90mm4.5kg
UPS1205-01BD13.8V±2% DC5Amp≤100mV6A±5%13.5V10V265x195x75mm1.4kg
UPS1203-01BD13.8V±2% DC3Amp≤100mV3.6A±5%13.5V10V203x163x74mm1.2kg
UPS1803-01B20.7V±5% DC3Amp≤150mV3.6A±5%20V15V265x195x75mm1.4kg
UPS1205-01B13.8V±2% DC5Amp≤100mV6A±5%13.5V10V265x195x75mm1.4kg
UPS1203-01B13.8V±2% DC3Amp≤100mV3.6A±5%13.5V10V203x163x74mm1.2kg