Design Considerations

At Sunpower Electronics we ensure that all of our product design elements adhere to certain industry standards.

This means that you can be sure that our power supply designs will be compatible with your other technology, both now and in the future.

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Fixed wiring colours

The changes to the colour identification of conductors in fixed wiring colours are European Harmonised colours and were introduced as part of Amendment No 2 : 2004 to BS 7671 : 2001.

Single phase installations used the traditional colours of red and black for the phase and neutral conductors are replaced by the familiar colours of brown and blue (Regulation 514-03-01). A neutral conductor, where identified by colour, must be identified by the colour blue (Regulation 514-04-01). Protective conductors remain green and yellow (Regulation 514-04-02).

Three phase installations have traditionally used red, yellow and blue for the phase conductors and black for the neutral conductor. These are replaced by the colours of brown, black and grey for the phase conductors and blue for the neutral conductor (Regulations 514-03-01 and 514-04-01). Protective conductors remain green and yellow.

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Inlets, Outlets and Connectors Standards

There are a whole host of inlets, outlets and connectors standards in today's market place. This page outlines the Class II & Class I IEC 60320 couplers which are for AC with a rated voltage not exceeding 250VAC and not exceeding the rated currents listed below.

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Bespoke power supply design can be a tough, complicated business.

We ensure that all of our power supply products are are safe and reliable.

We have been providing power supplies into a wide and varying array of market sectors and applications for over 13 years.