Constant Voltage LED Drivers

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This exhaustive range of constant voltage LED drivers range from 10W all the way through to 400W and are all provided with a single output. Designed for lighting applications that require a fixed output voltage, Sunpower’s constant voltage LED drivers are able to ensure any fluctuations, surges, outages or changes to the current, will not affect the LED output. What this does, is allow the LED to maintain a predictable and constant light intensity.

Sunpower’s constant voltage LED driver ranges are to be used for a broad variety of applications across a number of different industries. Some examples of where constant voltage LED drivers can be useful, include safety and security lighting, architectural, transportation, entertainment and general outdoor lighting. Signage and moving signs can also find this product to be a perfect solution for many needs.

The circuit design that Sunpower has crafted, is one of the most balanced currents for paralleled LED strip lighting. This is due to independent output channels on constant voltage drivers. Standard features include protection for over voltage, over load, short circuit and over temperature conditions; but also suitability for IP ratings against dust and moisture from IP65 and IP67 and wet weather conditions.

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