Help & Support Centre

Welcome to our Help & Support. The area of our site dedicated to giving you more information about the industry standards that we work to, guides to help you better understand power supplies, and possible power supply applications.

Safety Standards

At Sunpower UK we understand that we do not just need to make products that work but we also need to ensure that they are safe and reliable. Throughout our entire design, build and testing process we ensure that all of our products adhere to the regulations and power supply safety standards to limit the impact on the surrounding environment.

This section of our site outlines the safety standards that we follow.

Power Supply Environmental Standards

We take our environmental responsibility seriously. We do this by ensuring that our products not only meet the required standards but are designed to perform better, for longer, using less materials than others. This helps ensure that our produces will make a real difference to our customer’s environmental impact.

Design Considerations

Our designs combine market leading innovation with industry standards to ensure that our power supplies are compatible with other technologies. Our design elements section outlines the industry standards that our designs use so you can be sure that Sunpower UK is the best power supply solution for you and your company.

Power Supply Applications

From our inception we have been providing power supply solutions for a host of different design challenges from the standard to some more unique requirements. Have a look through some of the applications that our power supplies have been used for.

Power Supply Guides

This section contains our general power supply advice and guidance.

Sunpower User Manuals

Over the years we have built up a number of user manuals for out power supply products. In order to make them accessible to everyone we have included them all in this section of our site.

Glossary of Power Supply Terms

As in any technical industry there are terms and jargon that we use that may need explaining and expanding on. We have put together a glossary outlining many of these terms but if we have missed anything please let us know!


We find that there are some questions we are asked more than others and so we have compiled a FAQs section about power supplies. If these don’t answer your question please get in touch and let us know, we will be more than happy to help.

Bulb Comparison Infographic

If a picture can paint a thousand words an infographic can replace ten thousand. We have a collection of power supply infographics that explain and describe a number of power supply issues. Feel free to use them on your site using the embed code or share them with others.

History of Guitar Pedals Infographic

A brief history of guitar effects pedals from 1940 through to 2000+.