Lighting solutions for the next generation

LED lighting has revolutionised homes, business and industry, offering illumination which is safe, efficient and cost-effective. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, LEDs provide lighting which has the ability to offer entirely new solutions.

Just as essential as the LED lighting itself is the power supply that drives it. Quite simply, without a reliable and effective power supply, LED lighting won’t be able to perform.

Here at Sunpower Electronics, we stock a wide range of power supplies for LED lighting which guarantee to deliver efficient and reliable performance time and again.

LED lighting indoors and out

LED lighting is suitable for use indoors and out, and can be used for large-scale projects as well as domestic devices.

Some of the common applications of LED lighting include:

  • Home lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Downlighters
  • Linear lighting
  • Rail lighting
  • Waterproof lighting
  • Exhibition lighting
  • Signage
  • Street lighting
  • Plus much more!

We have worked to establish a range of standard power supplies for LED lighting to cover a range of applications and reduce the need for our customers to develop bespoke solutions and face the need for NRE and tooling charges.

You’ll also find that a selection of our power supplies work with LED dimmers, a useful feature which isn’t universal in other power supplies.

Specialised lighting

As well as powering generalised lighting both indoor and out, our power supplies for LED lighting have been developed to be compatible with specialised lighting too, again to reduce the need for our customers to have to develop bespoke solutions and face the need for NRE and tooling charges.

Some of the specialised lighting that our power supplies can be used for include:

  • Horticultural applications
  • UV curing and purification
  • Fishing lighting
  • Explosion-proof lighting

Safety you can trust

One of the most attractive features of LED lighting is the safety it offers. An absence of heat allows LED lighting to be used in a greater range of applications, in contrast to traditional lighting.

The power supplies that are used must offer the same degree of safety, and be able to operate without any risk in large-scale operations such as stadiums or warehouses.

All of the power supplies we offer at Sunpower Electronics hold EMC/EMI certification and many comply with global safety standards. This means you can choose with complete confidence, wherever you plan to use your LED lighting.

A competitive edge

Whether it’s a new arena, horticultural products or an office you’re opening, selecting a power supply for LED lighting from us means you have the chance to get ahead of your competition.

Our power supplies are available off the shelf, giving you the chance to purchase innovate power solutions without the need to order a bespoke design. You may not previously have thought you’d be able to find such creative power supplies off the shelf but the forward-thinking designs of our factories, like MEAN WELL allow you to circumvent the costly certification process.

As all our power supplies are already certified to the highest safety standards, you don’t need to waste time getting them checked and verified. This allows you to promote your products or services right away, saving you lots of time and money in the process.

Power supplies for LED lighting


Bespoke power supply design can be a tough, complicated business.

We ensure that all of our power supply products are are safe and reliable.

We have been providing power supplies into a wide and varying array of market sectors and applications for over 13 years.