KNX Building Automation Solutions

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  • 7W KNX to DALI Gateway

    KDA-64 connects a digital DALI lighting system to the KNX installation.


    • KNX proof gateway
    • Easy configuration & installation
    • Cost effective solution for smart building
    • Connect up to 64 DALI ECGs/Drivers
    • Built-in DALI power supply
    • LCD 2×12 display
    • Lighting control via the button
    • Lighting control via the integrated web server
    • Up to 16 DALI lighting groups setting
    • Up to 16 DALI scenes setting
    • 3 year warranty
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  • IP TP Media Coupler – KNX IP Router

    The IP TP media coupler (KSR-01IP) connects via an ethernet cable – KNX IP and KNX TP for commissioning, addressing and parameters setting, visualisation and diagnostic operations between devices on the KNX bus.


    • KNX IP router
    • 4 IP/TP tunnelings
    • No additional external power supply required
    • Universal Plug and Play
    • Telegram filtering
    • Built-in web front-end page
    • Dimension(WxHxD):36x90x71mm
    • 3 years warranty
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  • KNX 8 Channel Universal Actuator

    The KNX 8 channel Universal Actuator is suitable for different load situations and possible for many application areas with up to 8 independent channels


    • 8 channel actuator in a compact size
    • Suitable for various and mixed applications
    • For AX, C-load, capacitive and inductive of loads
    • Program via ETS5.0 software
    • Manual control via Pushbutton
    • Programmable various time and scene function
    • 3 years warranty

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  • KNX USB Interface

    The KNX USB Interface (KIS-01U) is a USB interface for establishing a bidirectional connection between a PC and the KNX installation bus.


    • KNX-USB interface
    • No additional external power supply required
    • KNX commissioning, addressing and parameter settings
    • KNX protocol and system visualization
    • Diagnostic operations
    • Long messages up to 220 byte APDU
    • Dimension(WxHxD): 36x90x71mm
    • 3 years warranty
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KNX building automation solutions allow you to combine buiding functions such as networking, lighting, blind control, heating, ventilation, security and general energy management into one intelligent system.

As a globaly certified scheme for home and building control KNX sets a uniform standard allowing corporations to design, install and adpopt the same protocal around the world. The system is dynamic, allowing you to easily change any installation, reset paramerters or expand without the need for costly and often disruptive reinstallation.  KNX also works with other sustems via the gateway products, ideal for installations where DALI is invovled.

We are able to offer a product to cover this entire spectrum of building control applications. Why not give our sales team a call now to discuss your next KNX building automation solutions project.