DALI Dimming Driver

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Sunpower offers a variety of adjustable DALI dimming drivers that provide a high-performance solution for powering constant current LED lighting.
DALI Dimming drivers come with the ability to control both the individual LED luminaries and multiple groups of them, meaning that they’re a great digital alternative to standard 1 to 10V and PWM dimming solutions.

These products also come with a variety of functions including a built-in push-dim, addressable output channels and even a built-in active PFC function. While specific functions will only be applicable to precise models, all will come in a fully isolated plastic case and have security measures in place, such as short circuit and over temperature protections.

If you’re looking for a bespoke solution then Sunpower can assist with this requirement, we specialise in the designing and building bespoke units to be used as part of a new system, replacement or as part of an expansion. For more information on this and DALI Dimming drivers in general, make sure to contact Sunpower’s expert team on 0118 9823746.

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