Hot Swap Power Supplies

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Sunpower’s hot swap power supplies allow you the ability to safely make changes to a computer system without interrupting its operation. The hot swap power supplies are able to allow two independent power supplies to be installed together, preventing major disruption to IT systems that are required to be permanently on. This allows you to have a fully functioning system should one of the units fail, meaning that you’re in a position to keep running.

This means that you’re in a position to allow essential repairs to be carried out and for the removal of faulty parts without the operator ever needing to come close to working with live circuitry. The hot swap power supply can provide safety for operators, and consistency for business.

Known by some as a dual redundant power supply, Sunpower’s range of hot swap power supplies come with active current sharing outputs, remote sensors, alarms, protective covering plates and a TTL sign as standard. They’re also easy to install with zero transfer time, as well as over voltage, over load and short circuit protection as standard, meaning that you’ll have the best quality product.

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