UPS Battery Packs

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Primarily used to provide a back-up power supply, Sunpower’s range of UPS battery packs (uninterruptable power supply) can offer solutions to a variety of products, including servers, computers and other IT equipment. This means that power is maintained throughout any power outages, meaning that you can allow for safe computer shutdowns as well as regulate the flow of electricity, allowing you to prevent any damaging power drops or surges in the supply. Creating a better, and safer environment.

Because of their nature, UPS battery packs are a recommended addition to any computer system or operation, ensuring a reliable power supply and a solution against network downtime or a loss of data.

Our selection of UPS battery packs is for use with our UPS function power supplies. Standard features for UPS battery packs include built-in heating to prevent a decrease in capacity at low temperatures, hot swap capacity, RoHS compliance and charging prior to delivery. All of our models are also easy to install, provide reliable power and come in durable casing, making sure of a top-quality product.

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