Efficient power for every smart building

If you’re looking for a store, office or home of the future, technology is what it’s all about. With smart appliances often running everything from heating to lighting, life has never been more convenient or as comfortable.

The modern smart building uses smart technology for a range of applications, stretching from entertainment systems through to more fundamental areas such as heat and lighting. The use of cutting-edge technology makes it possible for facilities managers, storeowner and homeowners to have full control over every aspect of their property, even when they’re not physically there.

Of course, smart appliances require power and it’s essential to have a reliable source that won’t bring everything grinding to a halt; this is where Sunpower can assist you in identifying power solutions which are designed to deliver the specific performance that every type of building needs.

Why Sunpower power supplies?

Sunpower has successfully specified power supply products which are used extensively in a range of industries where optimal performance and reliability is absolutely critical. We only offer the very best products which adhere to the highest standards and are guaranteed to perform and endure.

All of the products we offer that are compatible with use in smart buildings meet the strongest international standards for safety and are completely compliant. You can trust us to deliver power supply products for your smart home that really perform.

How to use power supplies in your smart building

There are many different applications for power supplies in your smart home including:

  • Indoor lighting
  • Heating systems
  • Blind systems
  • Total power solutions

Not all power supplies offer the same functionality for the above applications but at Sunpower we think it’s important to take full advantage of cutting-edge technology. That’s why our power supplies are able to control dimming LEDs, a feature that not all others offer.

Efficient power for your building

Although smart buildings have the potential to utilise a range of applications, if there’s not a smooth and efficient operation they will be more hassle than they’re worth.

Noisy, unreliable functionality will turn users away from smart technology in their droves, so it’s essential to have a power supply that can deliver exactly what’s needed and when.

Whether you’re operating the blinds or altering the heating in your building, a noisy power surge would be a huge disruption. No-one wants to have to speak loudly to be heard over the whirring of power supplies or turn the TV volume higher.

No-one understands the requirements of smart building functionality better than Sunpower which is why we offer the range of MEAN WELL power supply products. Quiet, smooth and reliable, they offer the functionality and the performance that every smart building owner needs.

Smart power supplies for smart homes and offices

MEAN WELL power supplies work just as well in offices with smart features as they do in homes, delivering the same reliable benefits.

View our catalogue of products for the very best selection at an unbeatable price.


Bespoke power supply design can be a tough, complicated business.

We ensure that all of our power supply products are are safe and reliable.

We have been providing power supplies into a wide and varying array of market sectors and applications for over 13 years.

Value Added Services

Custom Power Supply Metalwork

With our partners we utilise computer aided design in AutoCAD or PRO E, create 3D Simulations of your product and produce sheet metal fabrications and enclosures in mild steel, stainless, aluminium and zintec. Metalwork finises include zinc plated covers with colour passivate finish, powder coating, electroplating, anodising and other corrosion protection finishes.

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Listen to your team

Sunpower can offer additional services when you purchase power supplies from us, from company branding and packaging to bar coding to help reduce time to market and handling. We have the ability to design your company branded product or packing labels in house, for your approval, so you can resell under your own brand with ease.

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Modified Power Supplies

The majority of our standard power supplies have the capacity for small modifications or even more advanced changes or additions through our value added service. Where ever possible we will suggest an off the shelf solution, propose modifications to a product or guide you every step of the way in the design of a fully custom product. We offer power supply modification and modular power supply solutions to assist customers in front end power supply sourcing.

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Our technical support extends beyond the point of purchase; we make ourselves available to customers throughout the life of their product!

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