Power Supply Safety Standards

All good design and manufacture processes will consider the regulations put into place and other power supply safety standards to ensure their products are suitable for use in their intended applications and minimise any impact they may have on the surrounding environment.

Our products consider may factors and directives to make them as suitable as possible for the applications they are designed for. Below we will briefly detail the different safety regulations that may be required for your application.

We understand that the responsibilities of the power supply designer extend beyond the mere functionality of a unit and need to focus on the requirements of power supply safety standards that apply within their field, we will therefore detail below some of the safety standards that our power supplies can be designed to comply with.

Special International Committee on Radio Interference

Medically approved power supplies are obligatory to medical device manufacturers to ensure the safety of patients in both hospital and non-hospital environments.

Particular requirements for electronic control gear for LED modules

Road vehicles – Electrical disturbances from conduction and coupling

Regulating the compatibility of equipment regarding EMC

Aims to reduce energy consumption

Class II Power Supplies & Battery Chargers

When conducting EMC testing in the UK we work closely with Hursley EMC Services small team of engineers, enabling us to offer a personal service and fast reliable testing in their laboratories.



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