Constant Current Drivers

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Sunpower offer a variety of constant current drivers that range from 8W up to 200W and are available in single, dual, triple and quad outputs. Designed to regulate current, our constant current drivers ensure a balance of output current from each channel, regardless of variations or changes in the power supply. They reduce EMI interference, maintain a predictable and constant light intensity while preserving the longer life of the LED.

Suitable for use in a range of suitable commercial and domestic lighting applications, Sunpower’s constant current drivers can prove to be the perfect solution for signage, safety, architectural and security lighting opportunities. General outdoor lighting, medical lighting, task lighting, street lighting, and lighting for the entertainment industry are other situations where a constant current driver can be an ideal option. Sunpower’s constant current drivers are highly reliable and guarantee solution for constant and efficient lighting. The standard features included are a built-in active PFC function, cooling by free air convection, OCP point adjustable and over circuit, short circuit and over voltage and over temperature protections. Ensuring a system that is not only reliable but also safe. In addition, our units are suitable to be used in damp, dry and wet weather.

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