Desktop Power Supply

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Sunpower holds an extensive collection of desktop power supplies that can be easily used with a variety of electrical applications such as broadcasting, audio visual equipment, digital photography, POS, retail, security systems, telecommunications as well as many other general IT needs. Available with output voltages ranging from 3.3V to 48V, our desktop power supplies are available in single, dual or triple output modules and you can choose from Switchmode, Regulated, Unregulated and Linear units.

Our range of desktop power supplies include a variety of features including a power-on indicator, no minimum load requirements, compliance with CEC efficiency regulation, robust casing, universal AC input and over current, over voltage, short circuit and open circuit protection.
Sunpower is also a leading designer in bespoke products including desktop power supplies. If you’d like some advice regarding this or wish to learn more about desktop power supplies, then be sure to call our expert team on 0118 9823746.

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