19 Inch Rack Power

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Sunpower’s 19 inch rack power supplies are available from 1000w to 6000w, each with a 1U low profile. These are suitable for hot swap operation which allows for changes to be made to a computer system – including the removal of units – without the power supply being affected.

The 19 inch rack power units also include a built-in active PFC function as standard, but also come with Universal AC input, AC OK and DC OK signal, parallel operation, high power densities, remote control, active current sharing up to 6000W and internal OR-ing FET. Monitoring units are also available with 19 inch rack power supplies which can control up to 32 power supplies for Windows-based PC communication software.

Easy to install, with a low operational noise and extremely safe, our 19 inch rack power units feature short circuit, over temperature, over load and over voltage protection. Meaning that they’re extremely safe both during and after operation. No matter what your requirements are, Sunpower can supply the right solution. Perfect for use in a new system, as a replacement or as part of an expansion; Sunpower specialises in power supply design and can build bespoke units if something customised is required.

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