Dimmable Drivers

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With an extensive range available from 16W to 120W, Sunpower are able to offer a broad and divisive range of dimmable drivers that are capable of offering solutions to a number of different areas and industries. The highly efficient dimmable drivers are able to regulate current that flows through LEDs and can integrate into already existing circuits in order to extend the life of the LEDs themselves. This dimming functionality is found in a number of different popular applications that you may already be familiar with, such as: theatrical lighting, security lighting, signage, sensors as well as decorative and interior lighting.

Other examples where dimmable lighting solutions can be popular, include the medical industry, street and general outdoor lighting, automated lighting systems, transportation lighting and architectural lighting.
Sunpower’s dimmable drivers come in numerous varieties including a robust metal or plastic casing and come with IP64, IP65 and IP67 ratings against dust and moisture. This means that they’re perfect for external and internal use, creating a number of dimmable drivers that are ideal for a variety of solutions and requirements that you may have. In addition, they also cover a wide range of currents and voltages, including dimming functions that range from 3 in 1 to timer dimming and 0-10VDC dimming.

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