LED Controllers and Power Repeaters

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  • 20kA High Performance Surge Protection Device

    SPD 20HP thermally protected Surge Protective Device is a self protected device which is specially
    designed to be used in outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures for transient over voltage protection.


    • UL1449 type 4component assemblies
    • Line to Ground & Line to Line protected
    • Series connection style
    • 20kA maximum discharge current(I ), 8/20 μs
    • Low MLV / Up
    • Thermally protected
    • Double insulation cable wire
    • LED status indicator
    • IP66 design for indoor or outdoor installations
    • Suitable for LED driver surge protection with
    • class I insulation
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  • 3 to 4 Channel 5A Receiver

    RGBRF-4x5A has a 12-36Vdc input voltage and can be used with 3 channel or 4 channel 5A outputs. single receiver configuration or up to 8pcs RGBRF-4x5A can be connected for synchronised management of several lengths of LED tape. Suitable for use with RGBRF-RC1 More information on products within LED Lighting Control


    • Suitable for indoor LED lighting
    • User-friendly interface, easy and simple operation
    • Control up to 6 zones & set 6 scenes at each zone
    • Preset 10 changing modes, with pause function
    • Capable of RGB colour adjustment
    • Press button RGBW controller
    • Can achieve Red/Green/Blue/White colour directly
    • Synchronization function of pattern changes ensure consistent change
    • Enable to dim brightness of each R, G, B, W channel, in order to mix millions of colours.
    • Three-channel/ four-channel
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  • 4x5A RF Wireless LED Remote Controller

    You are now able to control your LED colours with our simple and effective 3.6Vdc, RGBRF-RC1 controller. Suitable for larger areas, you have the capability to choose your RGB colour, whether they are single or synchronised with our 10 Pre-set changing mode and pause function. Incorporating Red, Green and Blue, the RGBRF-RC1 can control up…


    • Suitbale for LED lighting
    • User-Friendly Interface, easy and simple operation
    • Control up to 6 zones & set 6 scenes at each zone
    • Preset 10 changing modes, with pause function
    • Capable of RGB colour adjustment
    • Press Button RGBW controller
    • Can achieve Red/ Green/ Blue/ White colour directly
    • Synchronization function of pattern changes ensure consistent change
    • Enable to dim brightness of each R, G, B, W, channel, in order to mix millions of colours
    • Three-channel / four channel
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  • DALI-PWM Signal Converter

    DAP-04 is a DALI signal to PWM signal converter which is suitable to use along with Mean Well AC/DC LED power supplies which have 3 in 1 dimming function (1-10V, PWM or Resistive). DAP-04 is equipped with both DALI dimming and push-dim functions; when connected to a external DALI controller it can convert the DALI…


    • 90-305VAC input range
    • Convert DALI signal to PWM signal
    • Built-in push-dim function
    • 4 DALI addressable output channels
    • Linear or logarithm dimming curve selectable (meet IEC62386-207)
    • PWM active high or active low selectable
    • Dimming range: 1~100%
    • Class II power unit, no FG
    • Power consumption<0.5W
    • Built-in relay contact for ON/ OFF control of LED PSU
    • IP20 level
    • Cooled by free air convection
    • Working temperature: -30~+60℃
    • Fully isolated plastic case
    • Meets DALI standards (IEC62386-101,102,207)
    • Certificates: EN61347-1, EN61347-2-11, EN61058-1
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  • RGBW LED Controller RF Wireless

    RGB18 is a 6-24V DC/DC RGBW LED Controller RF Wireless, with three 2.5A RGB and one 4A white output channels, designed to manage colour changing of RGBW LED tapes, but also suitable for use with RGB and single colour tapes. This controller kit has 256 levels of PWM control for a smooth change of colour…


    • RGBW LED Controller with RF Wireless Remote
    • 4 channel output RGBW output
    • Allows independent control of RGB White
    • RGB static colour selection with brightness & speed control
    • Ultra slim design
    • Over temperature, overload and short circuit protections
    • Easy to pair with our Power Repeater RGB-RP
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  • RGBW LED Power Repeater

    RGB-RP is a RGBW LED Power Repeater designed to enable the installation of additional LED tapes within one application. This 6-24V DC/DC unit provides one 4A white and three 2.5A output channels so that the white of an RGBW tape can be controlled independently. This ultra slim design RGBW LED Power Repeater is suitable for…


    • 4 channel outputs
    • 276W maximum output power at 24V
    • Suitable for use with RGB18 only
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  • Touch Key Constant Voltage Dimming Controller

    PD2021 is a 5-24VDC touch key constant voltage dimming controller designed for use with a touch dim momentary switch and LED driver to turn on/off and control the brightness levels of LED tape installations. The ‘Plug and Play’ technology ensures that the on/off dimming status is easily stored in the dimmers memory and will be…


    • Ultra Slim Design
    • 5VDC to 24VDC input range
    • Over temperature, over load and short circuit protections
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Auto Recall Function
    • Easy 'Plug and Play' technology
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Sunpower’s selection of LED controllers and power repeaters provide you with the ability to set lighting profiles, allowing you to change individual elements such as lighting colour, brightness, rate of change and even the colour temperature. You can also configure receivers in parallel up to a maximum of 8 units and seamlessly increase lighting coverage in larger areas.

Available in infrared, radio frequency or Wi-Fi configurations our LED controllers and power repeaters are able to provide you with the highest in quality and usability, no matter what your requirement is.

If you require any help or advice in selecting LED controllers and power repeaters, then make sure to give our friendly and expert team a call on 0118 9823746. They’ll be more than happy to talk to you regarding any step of the process, discuss the product in detail and provide you with any answers and advice regarding what you’re looking for.

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